Here are some fun facts about To be a Hero.

  • I started To be a Hero as a project for NaNoWriMo 2012.
  • The novel underwent major revisions, where not only the main plot line was changed but also 35 000 words cut and 35 000 words newly written.
  • I first decided to self-publish To be a Hero rather than having it published traditionally in September 2013.
  • From there everything went very quickly. I found a brilliant copyeditor and an amazing cover artist and soon many people were working on this project.
  • Doing a seminar on meta-fiction at university this semester made me aware of how many meta-elements To be a Hero contains


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To be a Hero

Valerie has loved stories about heroes ever since she was a child. Now it’s her chance to become one herself.

When a masked, self-proclaimed hero called Shadow appears in her hometown, she decides to team up with him and become a hero herself. Valerie is an unlikely adventurer. She can’t run fast and she is a little insecure. But she is passionate about turning her life into an interesting story.

However, soon she has to learn that living a story is not as easy as she had thoughtIn a small town with no big adventures, the person underneath Shadow’s mask is the only mystery worth exploring. When Shadow’s secrets pile up, she has to learn to face problems without her mask.

In a world that believes it no longer needs heroes, can Valerie and Shadow prove it wrong?

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