I have experience in mentoring writers, as well as giving writing workshops to classroom-sized groups of people. I appreciate that every writer has a different way of working and therefore may need different advice from the next writer. Hence, I strive to tailor my writing workshops as much to your needs as possible.

Interested? Then feel free to send any enquiries to author@juliafellner.com.

Writing Workshop Topics

The following are examples of topics which could be covered. However, this is a non-exhaustive list, so topics may be combined or changed.

  • How to establish a writing routine
  • Pitching your story
  • Self-publishing
  • Marketing for writers
  • Writing diversity
  • Writing realistic female characters
  • Common writing mistakes
  • Editing – where to start
  • Writing dialogue
  • Creating suspense
  • Creating conflict
  • Introduction to the World of Publishing
  • Advice for absolute beginners
  • Being original
  • Beware of tropes
  • The first 10 pages
  • Killing characters
  • Writing Young Adult fiction

If your preferred topic is not on the list feel free to contact me. I’m happy to work with you to create a writing workshop around your topic.

Past Writing Workshops

Writing Workshop

Also, you can find more information about this writing workshop and others under my past events.

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