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A.P. Bullard gave To be a Hero 5 out of 5 stars 

To Be a Hero is a fast-paced read that is inspirational, touching, and humorous all at once. While it appears to be a YA novel, this is one that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages…This novel was engaging and fun to read. It made me laugh, it made me tear up, and it made me feel a whole range of emotions that I generally reserve for real people.”


Tate reviewed To be a Hero during the What are you reading this summer? campaign

“I got my copy of To be a Hero by Julia Fellner on the 13nth of July at the store Bobby’s in Vienna. I went there with my friend Hannah (@watsername_hsf) and got really excited when I read the blurb. And this is what I think of this lovely book.

I really enjoyed the book. Alone the dedication on the second page of the book got my really hyped and excited. The part where Fox helped the little boy with the bullies meant a lot to me. I really did envy Valerie because she met her hero over and over again, and became his friend. The book had a bigger effect than Pokemon Go on me, which is quite amazing. During the time I could’ve catched a Gengar I decided to read this book find out more about this hero tale.

I like how neither Jason nor Valerie are sporty. I think, that Marvel heroes like Spiderman (nothing against them, I love Marvel) make you believe that you have to be strong and be able to do this and that. This book, however, simply says that you can easily put a mask on and make people happy (save lives, even more than just one), and even the mask is optional, according to Valerie. You don’t have to get bitten by a spider or loose your parents (loosing parents might help with becoming a hero but I think that having the will to do good and making people happy is enough). Ordinary people can be heroes, too!

What also meant a lot to me, was that the characters seemed so open towards LGBTIQ+ folks. It made them look so much nicer, and I’m so happy that Val told Jason that he’ll find a girlfriend OR a boyfriend. She’s giving him the option and doesn’t make it seems so without option, than when people tell a boy they’ll find a girlfriend. This part meant a ton to me.

But it does somewhat confuse me if Valerie eats meat or not now, as both was stated in the book.

All in all, the book is one of my favourite books now. It’s beautifully written, and the story is also wonderful. I’ve enjoyed many books and read even more, and this one is very close to my heart now (also because I can actually talk in social medias with Julia Fellner. Would I recommend it? Without a doubt.

Thank you, Julia, for writing this lovely book. If you think about it, it’s really inspirational, but you have to read behind the lines as they say (I hope!). If you read it for amusement only, you wont get a lot from it.”

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4 Angel Eyes for Revealed by Julia Fellner

“I enjoyed this book very much. An undercover mission with a secret to discover, first love, and murder on top, yes it was worth the read. Anne Watson was a great main character. She was quirky and girlie and very real to me. Although the beginning was a bit slow, and I did not quite understand the need for some of the background story, once it go moving it was a fun and entertaining read.

The author did a good job of keeping me guessing all the way to the very end as to who were the bad guys and who were the good. Was it the groups of rebels or the group of vampires?

You will have to read the book to find out.”


“Gerade einmal selbst den Highschool-Schuhen entschlüpft, wird die junge Journalistin Anne Watson in geheimer Mission wieder zurück in die Schule geschickt. Mysteriöse Vorkommnisse soll es an der Elite-Highschool Panthera Academy geben. Anne soll herausfinden, was dahinter steckt, um für ihre Zeitung aus erster Hand zu berichten…”

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Review for City of the Dead

“This was quite a nice little story! It’s so hard to get a good story into such a small word count, but you did a great job. The characters were fun and the plot was simple and understandable. You managed to fit in both a good dose of humor and heartbreak…”


LediaDarrow reviewed Revenge of the Ginger

“I love this story. You seem to have the gift of writing mystery. I love the idea of time travel. Your descriptions are very vivid in this story. I can feel myself becoming the characters. I felt my feet sinking into the soft earth, smelt the decomposed body of the hare and felt the sensation of touching the pink head band. Love it. This is my most favorite.”