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Creating your own “publishing house”: the different departments

Self-publishing HandbookWhen you publish your own book, you obviously have to take care of all the tasks and jobs, which the publishing house would do if you went down a traditional publishing path. Therefore, it is advisable to divide your to-do list into departments, since it helps you keep track of what you have to do and when.
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10 questions to ask before you self-publish your book

Self-publishing HandbookBad news first: Self-publishing a book is a very time and money consuming project. However, the good news is that it is a wonderful experience, which allows you to learn about the publishing world and how to run a business. It also allows you to grow as a person. But one should be sure to choose the right time to endeavour on such an exciting project to ensure success.
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Advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing

Self-publishing HandbookSelf-publishing is a costly and time-consuming business. It requires a lot of research and developing certain skills. However, depending on the different types of self-publishing, which will be explored in the next instalment of this self-publishing series (links to different paths of self-publishing, being your own boss allows you to publish your book the way you envisions it. So here are some advantages and also disadvantages to help you decide, whether you want to self-publish your own book.
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Parting of ways: how to get your book published

Self-publishing HandbookSo you have your finished novel or maybe a novella, short story or other type of text and want to get it out into the world, available for anyone to read?

There are three basics paths, which you can go down. Two of them are traditional publishing paths and the third one is self-publishing.
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Introduction to the Self-publishing Handbook

Introduction to the Self-publishing HandbookI’m introducing the blog series called the Self-publishing Handbook, which takes you step by step through the self-publishing process. There will be a new article every week.
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What the journey of To be a Hero to publication means to me

This blog post was originally published on March 28th 2014, one hour before the release of my novel To be a Hero, when I shared what this journey of my first independent publication means to me.
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