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Formatting your E-Book

Self-publishing Handbook: FormattingFormatting an e-Book can be a lot of work, depending on how many different formats you want to produce. Continue reading

Typesetting with InDesign

Self-publishing HandbookI had never even used InDesign, before I downloaded the test version to learn typesetting, so here are a few tips I had to learn through hard work. Continue reading

Formatting a Print Book

Self-publishing HandbookWith formatting a printed book, you also have to keep in mind to add features you don’t need for an E-book, namely a header and footer. Continue reading


Self-publishing Handbook: Pre-formattingBefore you even start typesetting, you can do a lot of pre-formatting with a basic text-formatting program. However, before you start, you should make sure that program is compatible with the typesetting program you are going to use. Continue reading

Typesetting DYI or hiring someone

Self-publishing HandbookTypesetting (= formatting) your book is a very tedious, time-consuming job. If you do it yourself you will probably end up blinking at the screen, wondering if there’s a period or dirt on your laptop screen or you’re just going mad on multiple occasions. Continue reading

Using Role Models

Self-publishing Handbook: Using role modelsWhen you are unsure about certain aspects of production, for example where the page numbers are supposed to go or what do other books’ title pages look like, you can do the same thing I did: use role models. Continue reading

Writing a Copyright Page

Self-publishing HandbookIf you look at any book, whether it is a printed one or e-Book, you will notice that one of the first pages is the page with all the copyright information. Take the copyright page from my self-published novel To be a Hero as an example. Continue reading

Writing an Author Bio

Self-publishing Handbook: Author bioWhen people have finished reading your story, they might want to learn more about you. Depending on whether you are using a penname and how much you want to share about yourself your author bio could contain the following: Continue reading

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