Self-publishing Handbook: Author bioWhen people have finished reading your story, they might want to learn more about you. Depending on whether you are using a penname and how much you want to share about yourself your author bio could contain the following:

  • Your name (or penname)
  • Where you live
  • Whether you are married or have children
  • Maybe your book was inspired by a particular experience or you have something in common with the protagonists
  • Perhaps you have another career besides writing
  • Previous novels
  • Awards received and prizes one
  • Something extraordinary: Maybe you studied something really special or travelled to very exotic places. Perhaps it’s something smaller, like a peculiar hobby.


Where to go for further information

You reader might want to learn more about your writing or keep up with future books your writer. So don’t forget to include:

  • Links to your homepage/blog
  • Social networks: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, GoodReads etc.



You can read my author bio for inspiration here.