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Julia offers consulting and workshops for writers. Sometimes she also gives writing advice, mainly on her Tumblr blog.

Make writing your business: Become an authorpreneur

If you want to have a sustainable career as a writer, you also need to be an authorpreneur. You have to know the industry and run your own business like any other entrepreneur. Especially for people who are new to the industry and people who have never run a business before, this can be a daunting experience. But don’t worry, I’m here to help!

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Finding an editor

Self-publishing HandbookConsidering that you are going to trust an editor with your story, which you have worked on for so long, you want to make the right choice.
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When to get a professional editor

Self-publishing Handbook: When to get a professional editorA professional editor is very likely going to be the biggest expense, therefore you want to make the right choice when and who you let edit your work.
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Self-editing the checklist

Self-publishing Handbook

Here’s a summary of what to watch out for when you edit your manuscript yourself. Next will be more information on how to find a professional editor.
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Self-editing Step III: proofread

Self-publishing HandbookIn this stage you sure the grammar, punctuation and syntax is correct. Since you are not an official copyeditor (and even if you are, you should have another professional editor look over your manuscript), this is probably more like what you would call proofreading.
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Self-editing Step II

Self-publishing HandbookIn this second step of self-editing you look at a smaller scale, directly at the language level. The questions below are only a beginning. Depending on your story, there might also be other issues you should pay special attention to.
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Self-editing Step I

Self-publishing HandbookIn the first step of self-editing you focus on story and characters, mostly ignoring the language because you need to keep in mind you might have to rewrite certain passages anyway.
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The different stages of editing

Self-publishing HandbookThis article breaks down the separate steps in the editing process. They may differ slightly between writers, since different writers have different ways of editing their work. Therefore, I focused rather on what has to be edited than how in the outline below.
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What inspired TO BE A HERO

Recently, I was asked a question many writers encounter on a regular basis: How did you get the idea for your novel? Oftentimes writers don’t know where we get the inspiration from ourselves but here’s what I do know.
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