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There are currently no upcoming events. If you are interested in a writing workshop or my participation in a panel etc., please contact me at author@juliafellner.com with your request. Keep an eye on this page or follow Julia on social media, to keep up with Julia Fellner’s events.

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Julia Fellner's Events and Upcoming Projects

Sapphic Vibes

I first started writing this new short story collection for NaNoWriMo 2015. However, the stories ended up much longer than I expected, so I’m currently editing them and plan to publish them one by one. I am very excited to work with Wine & Rum to publish these stories. The first one will be The Witch’s Hut.

The Witch's Hut

Newest Release: The Witch’s Hut

The novella Witch’s Hut is released by Wine & Rum in the summer 2017.

Hillevi may be a blacksmith but she knows how to fight, fight to protect her village and to return to the woman she loves.

Hillevi is injured in a surprise attack. The villagers bring her to the reclusive witch Vala. Soon it becomes clear both women are developing feelings for each other. But will their love prevail when Hillevi needs to leave to follow her dreams?

Meanwhile, I’m also working on other projects, for which no release date has been set yet.

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