The Witch's Hut

The Witch’s Hut

Hillevi may be a blacksmith but she knows how to fight, fight to protect her village and to return to the woman she loves.

Hillevi is injured in a surprise attack. The villagers bring her to the reclusive witch Vala. Soon it becomes clear both women are developing feelings for each other. But will their love prevail when Hillevi needs to leave to follow her dreams?

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To Imperfect Proposals

Jana is planning to propose on New Year’s Eve. But so is her girlfriend. Their friends have eleven days to plan two perfect surprise proposals in secret. What could possibly go wrong? A feel-good rom-com set in picturesque Vienna.

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Christmas Demons Run

Christmas in Austria is different. Lena discovers the Christmas demons from old pagan myths might just be real in her girlfriend’s village. A wild hunt through a wintry forest and the promising sweet scent of Christmas biscuits.

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