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To be a Hero & other storiesStories Julia has worked on include novels (TO BE A HERO & REVEALED) short story collections (ADVENTURE STORIES OF PIRATES, ROBOTS AND COCONUTS) as well as screenplays. Projects she’s currently working on is a new short story collection and the first part in a new series of novels.

Julia has written two young adult novels. Most recent is TO BE A HERO, in which Valerie questions whether heroes can exist in real life. Her debut novel REVEALED deals with paranormal mysteries at an Irish boarding school.

Upcoming projects

I am currently working on a short story collection called LESBIAN ADVENTURES THROUGH TIME. All short stories feature women who love women and go on adventures.

I am also working on the first part in a still unnamed series.

Julia’s works include

Last chance to get the To be a Hero birthday offer

The past week I’ve shared my excitement of celebrating To be a Hero’s book birthday.  Here’s a wrap up of all the posts and a final reminder that today is the last chance to get the special book birthday deal!
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What inspired TO BE A HERO

Recently, I was asked a question many writers encounter on a regular basis: How did you get the idea for your novel? Oftentimes writers don’t know where we get the inspiration from ourselves but here’s what I do know.
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Why I call my “heroine” a hero

Modern-day English has very few words, where there are separate forms to describe men and women (e.g. actor and actress). But even they are still being reduced. For example, the gender-neutral flight attendant has become the accepted politically term. But what has does that have to do with Valerie, the protagonist of my novel, calling herself a hero rather than a heroine?
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What the journey of To be a Hero to publication means to me

This blog post was originally published on March 28th 2014, one hour before the release of my novel To be a Hero, when I shared what this journey of my first independent publication means to me.
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Fun facts about TO BE A HERO

Here are some fun facts about To be a Hero.
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Welcome to my blog

On this blog I’m going to be posting about
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