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Formatting your E-Book

Self-publishing Handbook: FormattingFormatting an e-Book can be a lot of work, depending on how many different formats you want to produce. Continue reading

Typesetting with InDesign

Self-publishing HandbookI had never even used InDesign, before I downloaded the test version to learn typesetting, so here are a few tips I had to learn through hard work. Continue reading

Formatting a Print Book

Self-publishing HandbookWith formatting a printed book, you also have to keep in mind to add features you don’t need for an E-book, namely a header and footer. Continue reading


Self-publishing Handbook: Pre-formattingBefore you even start typesetting, you can do a lot of pre-formatting with a basic text-formatting program. However, before you start, you should make sure that program is compatible with the typesetting program you are going to use. Continue reading

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