Self-publishing HandbookConsidering you probably want to sell your book online, consider how the cover is going to look as small icon. The cover should also be still clearly discernable in black and white, since some e-Book devices do not support colour.Naturally the cover should be eye-catching. It also should convey the genre and the tone of the book effectively. At a glance, the reader should have a good idea about what the genre or mood of your book is. Is it a gritty thriller or a light-hearted romance? Think about the different covers you would associate with these two genres. The first would probably be in black and grey colours, maybe with blood-red writing. The second would most likely be kept in warm colours and have playful font.

What should be on the cover?

Think about what information should be on the cover. The way you present the title is an important part of the cover. If the book is part of a series, you should also consider adding the series title. Of course, you shouldn’t forget your own name either. You could also add awards or prizes you have won.

Figure out what you want 

Before you even start looking for a cover artist, you need to be sure about what you want. So here are some things you should decide on what you prefer and what fits your book

  • Colours
  • Tone
  • Medium: drawn, based on a photography etc.
  • Background (a certain location, urban, nature, etc.)
  • Potential images (protagonist, villain, important object etc.)

If you are looking for inspiration check out this database of book covers.