Revenge of the Ginger

FOR READERS: free short story collection


This short story collection is inspired by Julia’s travels around the UK. Thus, she wrote a short story about each city she visited. Read ADVENTURE STORIES OF PIRATES, ROBOTS AND COCONUTS for free.

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Make writing your business by downloading these free handbooks

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Free Books: Marketing Handbook for Writers

Even if you are not self-publishing, don’t rely on your publisher to do all the work. Of course the publisher will follow up their investment in you with a bit of marketing around the release. However, afterwards you’re on your own. It’s your job to retain your readers and keep your books on the shelves. Therefore, I created the Marketing Handbook For Writers to empower  other authors to make writing as well as marketing their business.

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Self-publishing Handbook

Based on my own experience of self-publishing my second novel To be a Hero, I compiled a handbook to guide you through the self-publishing process. To begin with, the handbook helps you decide whether self-publishing is for you. In the following chapters it covers production, distribution and marketing. Finally, there is a checklist for the release of your book.

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