Upcoming Events

There are currently no other upcoming events. If you are interested in a writing workshop or my participation in a panel etc., please contact me at author@juliafellner.com with your request.

Upcoming Projects

Upcoming short story collection

Sapphic Vibes

I started writing this new short story collection for NaNoWriMo 2015. However, the stories ended up becoming much longer than expected, so I’m currently editing them and plan to publish them one by one. The first one will be The Witch’s Hut.

A new series

Meanwhile I’m also working on a novella, which is the origin story for a world, in which my next series of stories is going to be set in. That’s all I can give away for now but stay tuned for more information.

Past Events

Get the highlights of past events, such as workshops and book fairs.

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